Search Stiki from Slack and Create Notes on the Fly

Search Stiki from Slack and Create Notes on the Fly

Many of you love Stiki’s speedy full-text search which delivers results within milliseconds.

In addition to using Stiki on your laptop, your tablet or your mobile; you can now access Stiki directly from Slack.

Read on for the what, the why and the how…

Stiki Search – Straight from Slack

We’re integrating Stiki into your workday as much as possible…

From now on, you can search your Stiki directly from Slack. The next time you’re having a discussion in which you need the link to a note or want to check if there is related information in Stiki type:

/ss [search term]

.. and Stiki will send you all the results to your search. An example?

And Boom! Bob’s your uncle.

Can I create notes from Slack too? Oui oui.

Slack is king of communication. A great place to share knowledge and brainstorm. That’s why we love it. It can’t be denied, though, that information can and will get buried: the proverbial needle in a haystack.

You can now capture those golden nuggets mid-conversation with the note creation feature. Simply type:

/sa [title]
/sa [title]:[content]

C’mon people, put those ideas in a safe place and come back to them later. Another example?

Boom! Bob’s still your uncle.

How to Activate Slack Search

Next to your team name in Stiki you can find a drop down menu.

1. “Add to Slack”

2. Stiki redirects you to Slack

… where you need to allow Stiki add new commands to Slack.

3. Afterwards you get redirected to Stiki…

… and you can now use the commands in Slack.

Let us know how it goes!

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