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Stiki works
for everyone.

From solo innovators to communities with 2000+ members
#co-working #community #onboarding

Factory Berlin is using Stiki to onboard 45 members. Every week.

Factory Berlin is a business community with more than 2000 members. They use Stiki to:

   .. onboard new members into the space.

   .. conserve important info from the community Slack with > 2000 members.

   .. manage procedures of their core team of 70+ employees.

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"Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week." - Spanish Proverb
#startup #handbook #procedures

SocialBee is systemizing repetitive tasks with Stiki.

SocialBee puts your social media on autopilot. No wonder they're using Stiki to become more efficient. They use Stiki to:

  .. publish and update their company handbook for their growing team

  .. writing down procedures like "How to onboard a new customer?"

  .. explaining workflows they use in Trello

"Earlier, it was Trello and Google Sheets, now, it is Trello and Stiki." - Ovidiu Negrean, CEO SocialBee
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"I ain't really tryin to be picky But if you give me somethin, it's got to be the sticky" - Snoop Dogg